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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Black Friday Boot Camp

 Buzz Words reader Lyn Oxley has enrolled in this one-day, online bootcamp. It’s held in the USA, costs US $20, and will be held on 23 November, Pacific Time. Although it starts at 3.30 am Sydney time, there will be a recording available shortly after.

 Black Friday Bootcamp is an online workshop held on Black Friday taught by published authors, illustrators and editors. To see the whole line up visit the link below:

Storyteller Academy is running a giveaway to raise awareness for Black Friday Bootcamp. All the proceeds from Black Friday Bootcamp is going to two great charities: We Need Diverse Books and First Book. Storyteller Academy's goal is to raise $20,000.

For the give-away, there are these great prizes: a mixed picture book, a free course and workshop and best of all a free year of learning at Storyteller Academy (a $2,400 value).

To enter the giveaway, all you must do is click the link below and sign up!

Thursday, 15 November 2018


CBCA NSW Branch Aspiring Writers Mentorship Program 2018

The Charlotte Waring Barton Award is presented annually by the CBCA NSW Inc to an unpublished author residing in Australia. The award involves a mentorship sponsored by HarperCollins Children's Books Australia.

Congratulations to the winner this year Peta Miller for her story Sing Us Home.

Well done also to the short-listed finalists, Dhana FoxPierre and Wendy Adams - Graegrim.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018


It really pays some time to go to a writing workshop. In 2017, author Tristan Bancks ran ‘Go Nuts!” This is what he instructed his students: “Get yourself a notepad. Write the words 'I remember' at the top of the first page. Set a timer for five or ten minutes. Press start and write down everything you remember happening in your life. Big things, little things, sad things. Write for the whole time without stopping:.

Pat Simmons, a Buzz Worder who attended the workshop and did the above exercise, re-worked it, and submitted it as a picture book. Lo and behold, the manuscript has been accepted for publication and will appear in 2021. Well done, Pat!

Monday, 29 October 2018


There’s wonderful news for Buzz Worder, Lesley Gibbes. Her picture book Fluke, illustrated by Michelle Dawson (Working Title Press/Harper Collins), was awarded a Certificate of Commendation at the Whitley Awards by the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales.

Fluke was judged by the society to be the Best Book in the category Young Children’s Book. Dingo by Claire Saxby & Tannya Harricks (Walker Books) was judged Best Book in the category Children’s Book.

The Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales’s Whitley Awards are a tribute to Gilbert Whitley, an eminent Australian ichthyologist. The awards are presented annually for outstanding publications (in printed or electronic form) that contain a significant amount of information relating to the fauna of the Australasian region. These publications may be highly technical works, or they may be for wider and more general readership. On the recommendations of the Whitley Review Committee, some publications are selected for presentation of a Certificate of Commendation at the Whitley Awards ceremony on Wednesday 3 October 2018.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Buzz Words Achievements

Pamela Rushby is happy to announce that her novel, Lizzie and Margaret Rose (Omnibus/Scholastic, a 2017 CBCA Notable book) has won the NSW Society of Women Writers award for a children's book for 2018.  

The story is set London in 1940. Bombs are falling, and 10-year-old Margaret Rose survives a deadly raid, but her family home is destroyed. In faraway Townsville in Queensland, her aunt is ready to take her in, although her 11-year-old cousin Lizzie is not so sure. But first there is a long and dangerous voyage to a strange country, also at war. Margaret Rose knows it's not going to be easy, and Lizzie is not about to make it any easier. 

Pamela has had a long and distinguished writing career in the areas of advertising, journalism, screenwriting and children's books. Having worked as a writer and producer of educational television, audio and multimedia for the Queensland Department of Education, Pamela is now a full-time freelance writer.


Little Book Press is to publish two of Janeen Brian’s picture books: I am this Big and Look Baby! (the latter illustrated by Renee Treml) while Janeen's poem, ‘The Dilemma of a Dachshund’ will be published by the School Magazine. You can read more about Janeen at


Dingo by Claire Saxby, illustrated by Tannya Harricks, and published by Walker Books Australia, has received a certificate of commendation in the Illustrated Children's Book category of the 2018 Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales's Whitley Awards!

The Whitley Awards are presented annually for outstanding publications that contain a significant amount of information relating to the fauna of the Australasian region, and are a tribute to Gilbert Whitley, an eminent Australian ichthyologist.
Claire Saxby is an award-winning and bestselling picture book author. Two of her previous Nature Storybooks, Big Red Kangaroo (2013) and Emu (2014), both illustrated by Graham Byrne, have won numerous awards, including the Royal Zoological Society of NSW’s Whitley Award. Big Red Kangaroo was a 2014 CBCA Notable Book, and won the CBCA Crichton Award for illustration, and Emu was short-listed for 2015 CBCA Eve Pownall Award and won the Environment Award for Children's Literature. Claire lives in Melbourne, where she works part-time in a bookshop. Her latest book is Koala, illustrated by Julie Vivas.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018


Bruno the Boisterous Blue Dog from the Bush is Robyn Osborne’s latest book. It was published by Big Sky Publishing and is available as a paperback ($14.99) and a hardback ($24.99).

Barefoot Bob and Bruno the blue dog live together in a broken-down barracks surrounded by the beautiful Aussie bush. Although they don’t have much in the bank, they are the best of buddies and life is bonzer. Then one day Bob hits the bonanza, and everything changes. Without a backward glance, Bob and Bruno move to the big smoke. But is this fancy new life better than the one they had in the bush? An alliterative tale which celebrates mateship and introduces young readers to the quintessential language of the Australian bush.

My Dog Socks (Ford Street Publishing, 2017) is another book written by Robyn which has won a number of  award stickers: it is a 2018 CBCA Notable Book and was shortlisted for the 2018 Speech Pathology Book of the Year.

Monday, 24 September 2018


Marg Gibbs (M.J. Gibbs) is happy to report that her poem, ‘Christmas Fairy Wish’ and short story, ‘The Musical Christmas Tree’ have been accepted for publication in the Share your Story Competition run by Michelle Worthington.

The book launch for the anthology, It’s Beginning to look like Christmas is in Cleveland, Brisbane Saturday 1 December. Marg will be attending this launch with her family and friends.

Rebecca Colless is delighted to have received second prize in the Novels category of the 2018 Rate Your Story Awesome Openers Writing Contest for her YA speculative fiction ‘The Demon Bells’, which was shortlisted for last year’s Ampersand Prize.
‘This is my first test with an American audience and it’s encouraging to receive such positive feedback,’ says Rebecca.


Jo Mularczyk says, ‘I’m very excited and grateful to have had two stories included in The School Magazine’s October edition. Dear Mr Alien is included in Blast Off and “Hope” is included in Touchdown. A reading of an extract from Hope is also featured on The School Magazine Youtube channel.’

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Friday, 14 September 2018

Fake ID republished

There is now a Tamil translation of 'Fake I.D.', a YA novel by Hazel Edwards.                                                                                                                                Originally published by Lothian in 2002, with a Canadian Vanwell edition (2005), a film option was taken up, but flopped due to financial issues, rights were reverted, and it became an e-book and then it was studied by university students in Chennai.

Now translated into Tamil, it will be launched in Chennai, India, by the Consul General on 17 September. The publisher is Cre-A which publishes it with a new cover. Prof Judith Rodriguez is kindly launching the translated book as she will be in India for PEN. International.

'Fake ID' is a YA family history mystery based on 14 year-old Zoe who finds on the day of her grandmother's funeral that her Gran had a fake ID all her Australian life.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Buzz Words Achievers

Cameron Macintosh has had the third book in his children's sci-fi series, Max Booth Future Sleuth, published by Big Sky Publishing. It's called Stamp Safari and is illustrated by Dave Atze. More info at

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Buzz Words Achievers

Augustus Brown by Margaret Pearce is a rhyming picture book illustrated by 13-year-old Xanthe Turner and published by Turner Books. It is a poem about a pet spider. As most mothers have a bias against spiders Augustus had to settle to only being a fantasy pet. This is not a disappointment as interesting things happen and keep on happening with a fantasy spider that is the cutest pet around. The book is available on Amazon, Booktopia, Fishpond, Angus & Robertson, Barnes and Noble. It is official released in August 2019.

Julie Thorndyke’s
 first children’s picture book Waiting for the Night, with illustrations by Anna Seed, has been published by Interactive Press. A review of it by Dannielle Viera will appear in on 25 July.

Kate Simpson's debut picture book, Finding Granny was released this month through EK Books. Finding Granny is beautifully illustrated by Gwynneth Jones and tells the story of a special relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter that is turned on its head when Granny has a stroke.

Congratulations to Jo Mularczyk who entered the recent Short short short story competition (21 words) run by the Australian Writers’ Centre. They received almost 1000 entries, so naturally Jo was thrilled to have two of her entries placed in the list of finalists and one named among the five winners included in their newsletter.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Buzz Worders Achievements

Amazing Author Achievement

Readings Kid bookseller Dani Solomon was asked in an interview with Bookseller & Publisher: What has been your biggest achievement or proudest moment as a bookseller? 
Her reply was: My proudest moment happened when I was talking to semi-regular customer about a book for her daughter but kept getting distracted because her son had seen the new A L Tait book was out and was so excited he was running around shouting and hugging it. His enthusiasm and happiness were so contagious I had to stop talking and laugh. His mum noticed and said to me, ‘You did that. It has always been a struggle to get him to read books, but you found the right book for him and look at him’. I teared up a bit to be honest. I try to recreate that moment every day.’
What an amazing thing for an author to hear about the effect of her book on a young reader!
Book of Plays

Congratulations on Elizabeth Klein whose book, Comedy Theatre for Upper Primary has been contracted by Five Senses Education with a possible two more textbooks to be written in the series.