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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Bruno The Boisterous Blue Dog from the Bush

Bruno The Boisterous Blue Dog from the Bush by Robyn Osborne, illustrated by John Phillips (Big Sky Publishing) PB RRP 24.99 ISBN 9781925675504

Reviewed by Claire Stuckey

Bruno is a boisterous blue dog from the bush who shares a very distinct outback lifestyle with Bob. This is a very alliterative tale which celebrates mateship and relies on colloquial language of the Australian bush.

Reminiscent of Footrot Flats books and comics, the illustrations may entice adults to share the title and children to pick up the book. Once introduced in their bush setting, the story continues in the city after Bob wins " a few bucks " on the races and travels around Australia only to realise that "the bush no longer seemed bonzer." After some high living in the city complete with butler, Bruno begins demolishing the apartment so "Bob blew his block " but the pair reconcile after Bob's accidental fall from the balcony. The buddies return to the bush once more somewhere near Bandywallop.   

With so much alliteration I wonder how children will cope with the text, although parents may find the text dated, with teams like ‘bully beef’ and ‘Bonox’. The story requires some intonation to achieve the intended humour so that teachers and librarians may find the book useful to encourage reluctant readers.   

This book is difficult to recommend for a specific age range as it is a picture book with text and concepts suitable for an older reader perhaps 7-10 years.

Monday, 9 February 2015

My Family: Going Camping

My Family: Going Camping by Robyn Osborne, illustrated by Colin Stevens (Big Sky Publishing)
PB RRP $15.25
ISBN 9781922132550
Reviewed by Dianne Bates

The back cover blurb of this picture book for children six to eight years describes a family’s adventures while camping as an ‘entertaining romp.’ However, for most of the large family there is no entertainment and certainly no romping. It’s Mum who is most enthusiastic as well as the book’s unnamed narrator. As with most families, there are compromises so with a bit of bribery, Mum manages to persuade Dad and her three other children to join in.

Disaster occurs when Dad and the kids forget their essentials. More disasters happen with camping equipment but Mum jollies everyone along. However, soon  insects cause problems so of course there aren’t many happy campers. As they are all packing up tents and airbeds, etc. something happens which makes the adventure all worthwhile.

This is a simple story with watercolour illustrations which will especially appeal to children whose families take camping holidays.