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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Help for Self-Publishing Authors and Illustrators

How to write an effective and helpful article about self-publishing when you have never self-published – now that’s a big ask! The main reason I don’t do it myself is because I don’t have the distribution resources at my disposal that commercial publishers have. There’s also the tremendous amount of marketing and publicity that a self-published author and/or illustrator needs to generate, not to mention the numerous expenses, none of which I want to expend. So, what I’ve done instead of writing about self-publishing, is to collect – and make available here -- online resources by experts which ought to help you if you decide to go down the road of self-publishing.

What I can suggest from experience as a book reader and reviewer of self-published books is that if you want to give yourself the best chance of success, you would be wise to invest in employing freelance professionals – an editor, a book designer, a proof-reader, an illustrator, and of course, a decent printer. You might even want to employ the services of a good publicist (such as Scott Eathborne who’s been interviewed in Buzz Words and who is one of the best -- in my opinion. His website is

So here are the websites which I hope you find helpful in your new venture. Good luck! (And don’t forget to get your finished book reviewed in Buzz Words !)

A word-counter and a cliché finder: these are some tools you need if you are going to publish an online book. Check out these and more here

Book Baby Blog often has some great articles. Here’s one about how write a killer book blurb.

In this 30 minute video interview you’ll hear how to build your platform as an author

Want to Crowdfund your next book? Here are some great ideas

If  you found this article helpful, you will be amazed by the wealth of practical and helpful information in the twice monthly magazine, Buzz Words, which is for those of  us in the Australian children's book industry. For details of how to subscribe (only $48 for 24 issues), go to right hand side of  

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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Could your book be a book app? How-to Webinar

If you’ve wondered whether your book could be a book app but have no idea how to get started or are technophobic, check out this jargon-free, 1-hour training webinar from book app expert, Karen Robertson.

She’s helped dozens of authors publish their books as apps and she’s about as “non-techy” as you can get.

To see what’s possible for your book and be inspired by examples of all kinds of book apps including illustrated children’s books, poetry and long text, watch the webinar now.

To watch it immediately, go to Karen's free training webinar and choose “view yesterday’s webinar” under DATE and “now” under TIME.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Event: Literary Lunch

Lunch, writing and writers: it doesn't get any better! Come along to the next meeting of the Society of Women Writers NSW Inc on Wednesday, June 12, 2013.

Venue: Dixson Room, State Library of NSW, Macquarie St, Sydney

Felicity Pulman
Workshop (10 am – 11.50) 
Presenter: Felicity Pulman: "Ideas for Stories" - workshop:  $15.00 (No Need to book - everyone is welcome) 
Convenor: Beatrice Yell - 9452 2299

Literary Lunch:   (12.30- 1pm)

Member Talk: (1- 1.20 pm) Margaret Ruckert: Musefood - a muse feast

Guest Speaker: (1.25 - 2 pm) Jan Latta:  Self Publishing on New Digital Media

Cost: $40 for non-members, $35 for members, $15 (workshop only)

Bookings required before 10am Mon 10 June to:

Please book by email if you have access to a computer
Contact Name: SWW Lunch Booking
Email address: [email protected]
Mobile phone: Text message to 0403 177 208
Your text message should be addressed to swwlunchbooking or swwlunch and should contain: date, your name and number.